You just surfed in to Arne Nilsson's web site.
If you had been here before, you see that it still at the beginning. But it has been changed nevertheless.
I am using this website more or less to learn how to work with this kind of things.

I am interested in photo and for the last decade or so, motorcycling. Because I have artihritis in my right knee it was hard for me to ride the bike. So I am sorry to say that I have sold the bike.
So the first link you will see on this site is to my photo galleries

This photos are with me and my new toy, the Honda Civic Type R. I bougth it instead of the motor cycle. Almost as fun as the byke.

The galleries are best viewed with the size on text etc. is set to 100% or the web browser scaled to 100% and the screen heith 900 pixels or more